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Pro Betting Guide: The Expert Guide To Account Restrictions And Closures

This exclusive part of Pro Betting Guide has been specifically developed for anyone who is concerned about bookmaker account restrictions and closures affecting them either now or in the future.

The simple truth is that anyone who wins money betting can expect to, at best, have their betting account restricted and at worst (and often inevitably) find their account is slammed shut with no hope of repeat business.

This can be extremely frustrating and so this guide has been designed to help you to stay under the bookmakers radar and continue winning for many years to come.

This is why we have produced this dedicated guide to help you once and for all have the most comprehensive guide on this hottest of topics.

Account Restriction Avoidance Tactics

In this exclusive guide we share with you some of the tactics used by professional gambler Mr Gekko to amass several tens of thousands from the bookmakers in the space of two years with a limited number of restrictions.

Mike Bishop from the Secret Betting Club also has plenty to say on the matter on the tips and tricks you can employ to help avoid this problem. As a time-served proven gambler he has experienced the pain of restrictions first-hand and wants to help you avoid the same issue.

All of this applied knowledge, experience and understanding of the secrets bookmakers use to limit the money winning gamblers can make, has been combined to make this guide.

Contents include...

Understanding How Bookies Work

  • Why bookies restrict and close winning accounts
  • The science of betting - what we are up against and what we all need to know about bookmaker accounts.
  • How bookmakers make their money and the kind of bets they like taking (and those they don't!)
  • Why its vital to have several bookmaker accounts
  • What makes you stand out as a winning punter
  • The bets the bookies want you to take - and why its important to know this

Preventing Account Problems (By using the bookies secrets)

  • How to stay under the bookmakers radar.
  • How to pretend to be a 'mug punter' and fool the bookmaker.
  • How to simulate 'losses' in winning accounts.
  • How to cover your tracks after a big win.
  • How to rotate cash balances between bookie accounts.
  • How to allocate which bets you place with which bookie - and why this matters
  • How to 'induce losing runs' and legally move money.
  • How to protect existing accounts from profitable detection.
  • How to rotate the types of bets you place
  • How to stay under the radar with your staking (and avoid the pitfalls that most gamblers fall for that lets the bookies know you’re a winner) Perhaps the most important point of all!

Maximising Restricted Accounts

  • How to observe how much a bookmaker will let you win when restricted.
  • How to maximise restricted accounts and when they are still useful.
  • How to boost your betting returns if restricted.
  • Which sports and events to bet on with restricted accounts
  • How to allocate your bets to the right bookmaker.
  • The odds to concentrate on when running a restricted account
  • When and where you should bet with UK High Street bookies and their Asian counterparts.

Opening New Accounts And Legal Bookie Loopholes

  • How to use betting shops to our advantage
  • How to use pseudo accounts and virtual networks to help prevent detection
  • A full explanation on how to set up your own pseudo accounts and virtual networks for complete beginners

Don't forget - Prevention or Cure, this guide is ideal for any scenario

This guide is also ideal for you whether or not you are yet to suffer from bookmaker restrictions or closures.

If you are new to betting, it gives you all the advice necessary to prevent future restrictions or closures - so is vitally important if that's you.

Equally if you are suffering from restrictions or closures, the advice within will help you maximise your accounts (and even help you open new ones) so helping to cure any such problem.

And when you consider how profitable you bookmaker accounts can be, its fair to say this guide could be extremely lucrative for you.


Just Why This Guide Is So Priceless...And Why We Are Limiting Numbers

After reading just what this guide contains, by now you will probably be aware of just how priceless the information contained actually is. The secrets and insight that Mr Gekko and others have put together, has helped them make a living from betting - despite the realities of restrictions and closures.

Therefore we need to protect it and should too many people acquire this information, it could ruin it for everyone. That is why we are limiting the number of copies we are selling, so make sure if interested you sign-up while you can.


Limited Edition Only - To Protect The Information For The Few

Due to the hugely valuable nature of the type of information included within this guide,we have taken taking steps to protect just how many people can access this information.

Our guide to Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures, is on its own potentially worth thousands of pounds to those who access it’s information. This is why we have agreed to sell only a very limited number of copies.

Its safe to say that should too many people be able to access the secrets it contains, then it could ruin it for all of us. This is why we are strictly limiting purchase numbers - This is no marketing gimmick but the only sensible approach to ensure exclusivity.

Therefore its imperative if keen on accessing your own copy, you do so whilst you can!

Copies of the Pro Betting Guide are still available - make sure you pick yours up right away.


How To Secure Your Own Copy

Obtaining secrets from professionals such as Mr Gekko like this is not easy but we have managed to negotiate with him an extra special pricing structure to enable as many people as possible to pick up this guide.

You can purchase it in one of two ways.

Option 1 – Standalone Purchase For £99 (£89 if an existing Secret Betting Club Silver or Gold member)

Obtain your own copy of the Expert Guide To Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures today for only £99, which is a saving of £100 on its usual price! Delivered instantly to your email account once purchased.


Option 2 – Purchase as part of the Pro Betting Guide Suite of Expert Gambling Products for £199 (£149 if an existing Secret Betting Club Silver or Gold member)

The Pro Betting Guide is a 5 part guide on everything you require to take your betting expertise to the next level including:

  • Expert Guide To Successful Professional Betting. Worth £69
  • Expert Guide To Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures. Worth £199
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Individually this 5 part guide is worth £396.98 but as part of a special package, is now available for either £149 or £199

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