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If you are looking for expert help with your betting - you have come to the right place.

The Pro Betting Guide is a completely unique product, designed to provide advanced professional help, guidance and expertise to help you make money betting.

With 3 unique guide-books, on everything from Maximising Horse Racing Profits to Avoiding ‘Bookmaker Account Restrictions And Closures’ as well as an ‘Expert Guide To Successful Professional Betting’, it contains all you need to know to make it a a success.

We also have some fantastic spreadsheet tools personally developed by professional gamblers including the Bet Examiner, which enables you to quickly analyse all your bets and tipsters. Its a one stop tool to help you bet more efficiently.

Not only this but the Pro Betting Guide is also bundled with our fantastic Betting Portfolio manager, an extremely handy tool to help you keep a professional record of all your bets.

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Read all about this and just how it can help you with your betting below...

Who Is The Pro Betting Guide For?

The Pro Betting Guide has been designed especially for anyone looking for more comprehensive help and expert advice with their own betting.

Compiled by professional gambler Mr Gekko, who makes a living betting on tipsters advice alongside betting expert Mike Bishop from the Secret Betting Club, you can benefit from the experience of 2 proven successful gamblers.

Normally those that make money betting do not spill the beans, but both Mike and Mr Gekko have agreed to team up to provide the most comprehensive guide to betting possible.

Read on for details on all 5 parts of the Pro Betting Guide...


Pro Betting Guide Part 1:
The 'Guide To Successful Professional Betting'

The 1st part of the Pro Betting Guide is our expert 40 page 'Guide to Successful Professional Betting', which contains all you know to take your betting to the next level.

This fantastic guide contains all our advice on what it takes to be a successful gambler in one easy to read publication. Written by experts - Mike Bishop and Mr Gekko - it shares the secrets of making your betting a success from two proven betting winners.

It explores both the theory and the practice of betting professionally and will provide the perfect grounding for anyone involved in making money betting.

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned experienced gambler – this guide will have something for you.

Everything from betting banks to betting psychology, risk profiling and managing your money is included and explained in step by step easy to understand sections.

Secrets revealed in the guide include...

  • The 8 critical requirements for betting success.
  • How to set realistic goals and achieve them.
  • The secrets behind building the right blend of services in a betting portfolio.
  • The psychology of betting, how you can succeed and why others fail.
  • How to personalise your portfolio to suit you.
  • How to run effective money management.
  • How to diversify to increase reward and reduce risk.
  • How to apply balance to your portfolio and increase its effectiveness.
  • How to stake less but win more.
  • The dangers to be aware of when betting that you must avoid.
  • Understanding your risk awareness and tolerance - Take our unique tests to calculate your own risk profile.

Every possible aspect of successful betting is explained clearly for you to understand and follow.


Pro Betting Guide Part 2:
The Expert Guide To Account Restrictions And Closures

The 2nd part of the Pro Betting Guide has been specifically developed for anyone who is concerned about bookmaker account restrictions and closures affecting them either now or in the future.

The simple truth is that anyone who wins money betting can expect to, at best, have their betting account restricted and at worst (and often inevitably) find their account is slammed shut with no hope of repeat business.

This can be extremely frustrating and so this guide has been designed to help you to stay under the bookmakers radar and continue winning for many years to come.

This is why we have produced this dedicated guide to help you once and for all have the most comprehensive guide on this hottest of topics.

Account Restriction Avoidance Tactics

In this exclusive guide we share with you some of the tactics used by professional gambler Mr Gekko to amass several tens of thousands from the bookmakers in the space of two years with a limited number of restrictions.

Mike Bishop from the Secret Betting Club also has plenty to say on the matter on the tips and tricks you can employ to help avoid this problem. As a time-served proven gambler he has experienced the pain of restrictions first-hand and wants to help you avoid the same issue.

All of this applied knowledge, experience and understanding of the secrets bookmakers use to limit the money winning gamblers can make, has been combined to make this guide.

Contents include...

Understanding How Bookies Work

  • Why bookies restrict and close winning accounts
  • The science of betting - what we are up against and what we all need to know about bookmaker accounts.
  • How bookmakers make their money and the kind of bets they like taking (and those they don't!)
  • Why its vital to have several bookmaker accounts
  • What makes you stand out as a winning punter
  • The bets the bookies want you to take - and why its important to know this

Preventing Account Problems (By using the bookies secrets)

  • How to stay under the bookmakers radar.
  • How to pretend to be a 'mug punter' and fool the bookmaker.
  • How to simulate 'losses' in winning accounts.
  • How to cover your tracks after a big win.
  • How to rotate cash balances between bookie accounts.
  • How to allocate which bets you place with which bookie - and why this matters
  • How to 'induce losing runs' and legally move money.
  • How to protect existing accounts from profitable detection.
  • How to rotate the types of bets you place
  • How to stay under the radar with your staking (and avoid the pitfalls that most gamblers fall for that lets the bookies know you’re a winner) Perhaps the most important point of all!

Maximising Restricted Accounts

  • How to observe how much a bookmaker will let you win when restricted.
  • How to maximise restricted accounts and when they are still useful.
  • How to boost your betting returns if restricted.
  • Which sports and events to bet on with restricted accounts
  • How to allocate your bets to the right bookmaker.
  • The odds to concentrate on when running a restricted account
  • When and where you should bet with UK High Street bookies and their Asian counterparts.

Opening New Accounts And Legal Bookie Loopholes

  • How to use betting shops to our advantage
  • How to use pseudo accounts and virtual networks to help prevent detection
  • A full explanation on how to set up your own pseudo accounts and virtual networks for complete beginners

Don't forget - Prevention or Cure, this guide is ideal for any scenario

This guide is also ideal for you whether or not you are yet to suffer from bookmaker restrictions or closures.

If you are new to betting, it gives you all the advice necessary to prevent future restrictions or closures - so is vitally important if that's you.

Equally if you are suffering from restrictions or closures, the advice within will help you maximise your accounts (and even help you open new ones) so helping to cure any such problem.

And when you consider how profitable you bookmaker accounts can be, its fair to say this guide could be extremely lucrative for you.

Just Why This Guide Is So Priceless...And Why We Are Limiting Numbers

After reading just what this guide contains, by now you will probably be aware of just how priceless the information contained actually is. The secrets and insight that Mr Gekko and others have put together, has helped them make a living from betting - despite the realities of restrictions and closures.

Therefore we need to protect it and should too many people acquire this information, it could ruin it for everyone. That is why we are limiting the number of copies we are selling, so make sure if interested you sign-up while you can.


Pro Betting Guide Part 3:
The 'Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits'

Added to the Pro Betting Guide in June 2012, our Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits is here to help if you have an active interest betting on horse racing and are looking to both understand how it works better and how to increase your winnings.

Through this guide you can learn how to...

  • Fully understand the horse racing betting market.
  • Learn how to focus on the best, most profitable bets.
  • Understand how to avoid the bets most likely to cause you losses.
  • Increase your Return on Investment by at least 2%.
  • Apply our unique ‘Double’ and ‘Triple’ Up strategy to further boost the returns from your bets.

Much of what Mr Gekko unveils in this guide is key to how he maximises his own racing profits from his own personal betting, so in reading it, you are benefiting from previously little-known trade secrets.

Our estimates suggest this could increase your Return on Investment by at least 2%, a figure which sounds low, but in reality could have a major impact. If you staked £100,000 in bets last year and made a 7.5% ROI, you would have enjoyed a £7,500 profit. An extra 2% ROI on top of this would equate to a further £2,000 profit – not to be sniffed at and more than paying for Mr Gekko’s expertise many times over. Even those of you smaller bettors could still be hundreds a year better off!

Not only this but you can also benefit from Mr Gekko’s unique Double-Ups and Triple-Ups strategy, which allowed for betting subgroups with respective 28.3% ROI and 66.7% ROI live results to be clearly identified as part of a 13.3% racing tipster portfolio between 2011 and 2012. 

Thus allowing you to focus your staking on the very best and most lucrative bets and in effect - maximising your Horse Racing Profits. Any of you following multiple racing tipsters, simply must read this section, it could have a dramatic impact on your profits.

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Pro Betting Guide Part 4: The Portfolio Manager

The fourth part of the Pro Betting Guide is our amazing Portfolio Manager software, which is a fantastic tool to help you monitor and track your own betting performance.

It is the ideal companion for anyone looking to track your bets and view all the ongoing key calculations important to your betting portfolio.

What's more, as it is based upon professional gambler Mr Gekko's very own bet software, you are able to mimic the very same way that he manages his own betting portfolio. Don't forget Mr Gekko is a professional gambler, who lives off the proceeds of his own betting - and he relies on this same portfolio manager

If you want to track your own betting performance or that of the tipsters you follow, then its a fantastic all in one solution to ensure you are fully clued up to just how your betting is going.

Features include...

  • Individually track each tipster you follow in an easy to use format.
  • Auto calculation on figures like profit/loss, turnover and ROI mean you only have to enter the absolute minimum of information.
  • At a glance figures for each service and their daily profit/loss
  • At a glance portfolio figures such as total ROI and combined profit/loss
  • Turnover figures to view total staking amount on individual services and portfolio wide
  • Automatically created performance graphs for each individual service and portfolio as a whole
  • Full user guide to enable you to maximise usage, even if a total beginner.

Pro Betting Guide Part 5: The Bet Examiner

The fifth part of the Pro Betting Guide is our amazing new Bet Examiner software, which is the latest addition to the range of products available as part of this comprehensive package.

Again developed by professional gambler Mr Gekko, its all you need to quickly and efficiently analyse your own betting and any tipsters you may follow.

It can help answer questions you may have such as...

  1. Does a tipster perform better at 5/1 or under? Bet Examiner will help you check this.
  2. Does a racing tipster perform better on the flat compared to jumps? Bet Examiner will help you check this.
  3. Does a tipsters staking plan work? Bet Examiner will help you check this.

Check out some of the features and practical examples of how you can use them below...

  • Easily compare the differing performance of each way and win bets. Is one way of betting more profitable than the other?

    For example, Bet Examiner produced this analysis on the PJA National Hunt service in comparing the differing performance of their win and each way bets. The ultimate finding is that their win bets provide twice the amount of ROI as their each way selections.

    Check out the screen grab taken below of how the Bet Examiner presents results in both graphical and table format.

  • Compare performance at different price ranges.

    See an example based upon Northern Monkey Punter's bets 7/1 or lower where again we can quickly see that they perform the best at higher odds.

    Don't forget you can set the criteria to be based on what you want - so it could be 7/1 or less, 20/1 or whatever range you wish.

  • Compare depending upon the leagues bet upon

    See the below example taken from Football Elite's bets in 2010/11 based on the league they advised in. Although only a small number of bets, it shows where the majority of profit came from that season.

  • Analyse a staking plan

    See below the example based on PJA National Hunt and the differing fortunes of their £12.50 and £25 bets since 2008. Both have been profitable but shows a clear level of stronger performance at higher stakes.

  • Quickly visually observe the likely ROI for any tipster using our new banding graphs. Find out if a tipster is over or under-performing.

    These allow you to quickly add in your own ROI bands to see exactly what an average performance should be and how well a tipster has performed in the past.

    In the example below we can see that Chasemaster generally hovers at around 15%, although in the past has been as high as 20% and as low as 10%.

Fully Customisable and Cross-Functional.

The Bet Examiner is fully customisable, allowing you the ability to check whatever you wish to analyse as part of your own betting. Football, Racing, Golf, Staking, Price-Ranges, Leagues...whatever you want to check out - you can!

It is also cross-functional with the Portfolio Manager, allowing you to keep your betting records in there and then port them across to the Bet Examiner. Alternatively you can simply use the Bet Examiner to keep all your betting records - as we also provide that function.

One word of caution though as whilst the Bet Examiner does come with a full user guide to maximise your enjoyment of it, it does require a modicum of familiarity with Microsoft Excel.

Although every care has been given to supply full instructions and all the Excel formulas to copy and paste across, it is perhaps not for a complete beginner or computer novice.

However, should you have a modicum of knowledge regarding Excel and 30 minutes to spend with our user-guide, you will be able to make the most of the Bet Examiner.

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Limited Edition Only - To Protect The Information For The Few

Due to the hugely valuable nature of the type of information included within the Pro Betting Guide, we have taken taking steps to protect just how many people can access this information.

Section 2 of the Pro Betting Guide on Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures, is on its own potentially worth thousands of pounds to those who access it’s information. This is why we have agreed to sell only a very limited number of copies.

Its safe to say that should too many people be able to access the secrets it contains, then it could ruin it for all of us. This is why we are strictly limiting purchase numbers - This is no marketing gimmick but the only sensible approach to ensure exclusivity.

Therefore its imperative if keen on accessing your own copy, you do so whilst you can!

Copies of the Pro Betting Guide are still available - make sure you pick yours up right away.



You can now purchase all the sections of The Pro Betting Guide today for only £229, which we believe is a tiny fee in comparison to the goldmine of information which it contains.

Individually, each part of the Pro Betting Guide is worth the following:

  • Expert Guide To Successful Professional Betting. Worth £69
  • Expert Guide To Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures. Worth £199
  • Portfolio Manager – Track & Monitor Your Bets The Professional Way. Worth £29.99
  • The Bet Examiner – Helps You Easily Analyse & Improve Your Own Betting. Worth £29.99
  • And now, also the Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits. Worth £69

Purchasing all 5 individually would work out at £396.98 but via the Pro Betting Guide you can now save £167.98 if buying them as one complete package.


You can also save a further £30 on the cost of the Pro Betting Guide as a Secret Betting Club member, our partner website.

As a Secret Betting Club membershp costs just £69 a year, you can effectively join them for only £39 once applying this saving.


After you factor in how much The Pro Betting Guide will both save and make you from its exclusive contents, we think you will agree it is an excellent deal.

After all, where else can you find unique advice from the likes of Mr Gekko - a professional gambler making a living from betting following tipsters?

Nowhere, as very few experts (if any) ever share the secrets of their success.

This is what makes the Pro Betting Guide such a unique and fantastic deal. Sign-up below to purchase your copy today for only £229 or £199 if a member of the Secret Betting Club.

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